The Museum Needs You!

If you have a couple of free hours a week, enjoy other people, and have skills you want to maintain, or new skills you would like to learn…

The Claresholm & District Museum and Visitor Information Centre needs you!

The Claresholm & District Museum is looking for volunteers to join our organization. We have volunteer opportunities for a wide range of ages and skill sets, so all interested individuals are welcome!

Volunteer duties can be one-time or recurring. We can arrange to accommodate most schedules and create a volunteer opportunity that works for you. As a volunteer, you can assist with daily operations, tours and programs, public relations and marketing, and extra help at special events. If you are looking to add to your skill set, build your resume, or support your community in a fun, meaningful way, we would love to have you join us!

Volunteer work may include:

  • Exhibits- design, carpentry and painting
  • Research – history and geneaology
  • Being a visitor host
  • Repair and care of artifacts (what we call conservation)
  • Filing, typing, organizing
  • Fundraising

For more information, call the Executive Director at 403-625-1742


The Museum needs Board Members!


The Board of the Museum is in charge of decisions involving the direction of the Museum, including overseeing the budget, ensuring that policies are followed, and representing the Museum at presentations and meetings. If you enjoy working with a committee on important matters, if you have experience with non-profit organizations, if you have skills like accounting, law, teaching, marketing, or fundraising, being a Board Member may be for YOU! The Board meets once a month for a few hours and 3 or 4 times a year for special events.

Do you have the time?